So this is the page where we tell you all the reasons why you should rent your photo booth from us and not those other 10,000 companies.

But the truth is that you could use any of a number of photo booth businesses (we'd be happy to give you some names) and probably have a great experience. Not that there aren't some schlock outfits as well, so you will need to do your homework!

So here is our list of the most important things about us:
  • Nobody, and we mean nobody, will care more about making your event a huge success
  • We are customer service fanatics
  • We have new school technology and old school people skills
  • The booth looks fabulous
  • We look fabulous
  • Your pictures looks even more fabulous
  • We are mature adults (although immaturity is available as an upgrade)
  • We will go the extra mile for you
  • Our prices are competitive (but don't base your decision on that)

Tom and Karen Hubbard, owners, CFO's
(Chief Fanatic Officers)

Since you wanted more "about" info (due to your scrolling down), here is a photo of us running our previous business of Flightdeck Air Combat Center...we have extensive expertise in giving people intensely fun entertainment experiences!

"Having this photo booth at my wedding reception was a BLAST! It kept guests entertained (especially the ones who did not care to dance), and it provided my husband and I with VERY memorable photos from that night. Not only do your guests get a souvenir from your wedding, you can also get a copy of the photo strips. Plus, guests can leave you video messages. HAVING THE FLASH FANATIC PHOTO BOOTH AT YOUR EVENT IS A MUST!!"

Jessica F. on Yelp.com